Raise a Refund Request

Here you can raise a refund request of your recent order. Please note that an order older that 5 days won’t be refunded. Read our Refund and Return Policy for more information.

Enter the email associated with your Delphi DSP Account.
Enter your numeric order id. Go to My Account > Orders to know more.
Enter the name of the product that you want the refund for (in case you had multiple products associated with your order).
Separate multiple products with comma(,). Leave blank to request the refund for the entire order.
Enter the license key(s) associated with your product(s).
Note: If you have this license key(s) active on any of your computers, please make sure to un-register it from all your computers before requesting a refund. Read our FAQs to know how to un-register a license key.
Separate multiple license keys with comma(,).
Please tell us the reason why you are refunding your order. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.